For the steward grower...


No matter the plant, every grower, gardener and farmer wants to maximize yield and plant quality while being good stewards to the land. Holganix products ar 100% organic and are infused with over 800 species of active microbes to optimize soils and grow healthier, more sustainable plants.


Join Our Greater Green Goal


When using Holganix products, drastically less fertilizers and pesticides are needed to maintain and exceed quality results. Holganix products are safer for plants, people and the environment. That's why Holganix has pledged to eliminate quantities of nitrates, phosphates and concentrated pesticides from entering the universe by Earth Day 2020. To date, we've eliminated:


21,194,133 Lb Nitrates    5,298,533 Lb Phosphates    

19,869,500 Oz. Concentrated Pesticides


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Holganix Bloom   Cost: $21.00

Holganix Bloom

Cost: $21.00

Holganix Agriculture  Cost: $29.12 

Holganix Agriculture

Cost: $29.12 

Healthy Tree & Shrub    Cost: $38.92

Healthy Tree & Shrub

Cost: $38.92