Does Holganix REALLY work? Read some of our case studies featuring growers just like you.

Whether they are growing tomatoes, grapes on a vineyard or poinsettias in a greenhouse, growers across America are seeing results with Holganix products. Read some of our favorite case studies below.


Boosting Yield and Degrees brix at alfalfa farm winery 

In 2013, Alfalfa Farm Winery in Topsfield, Massachusetts began testing Holganix Vitners blend on their four French-American grape hybrids to see if they could increase brix index and yield while utilizing a sustainable agriculture approach. The results were better than Alfalfa expected.

In summary, Alfalfa Farms Winery saw an increase in degrees brix of 9% in 2014 and 44% in 2015 compared to the control. They also report a 55% average increase in yield in their Sevyal Blanc, Leon Millot and Marechal Foch from 2013 to 2015. 


Increasing Brix Index and Reducing disease at star dairy 

“I don’t sell something unless I’m sure it’s going to work,” explains Gilson Martin, owner of Star Dairy, a Holganix distributor to farmers in Pennsylvania. “We started testing Holganix in 2011. We liked what we saw and the rest is history.” 

Overall, Gilson's clients on Holganix programs have seen an increase in plant vigor and yield along with an 82% average increase in brix index and a reduction in disease. "I like the variety of organisms in Holganix and thought it worth trying out. Any time I can do something other than use a chemical, I'm happy." 



"Our favorite part about Holganix products is that [they] allow us to go organic or drastically reduce our synthetic inputs like fertilizer and pesticides," says Mary E. Petit, founder of Incredible Edible Community Garden's (IECG).

IECG uses Holganix Tree and Shrub whenever they plant trees in new parks and on the streets. They also use it as part of their maintenance program in their tree nursery. After using Holganix Tree and Shrub, they saw an increase in flowering on their Hong Kong Orchid Trees.


10x Payback on tomatoes with Holganix agriculture

Mark Sybots decided to run a test at Red Gold in Indiana on Holganix Agriculture. After three applications, Mark harvested the tomatos and analyzed the data.

"Those tomatoes treated with Holganix yielded 51.3 tons per acre while the untreated came in at 46.7 tons per acre with a 90% statistical significance," reports Mark. "That's a 10x payback over the cost of the Holganix used per acre."

Left side treated with Holganix Bloom, right treated with Denny's usual program.

Left side treated with Holganix Bloom, right treated with Denny's usual program.

Less disease and Less fertilizers at Benerget greenhouses

“When it comes to snake oil, I’ve seen it all!” says Denny Benerget, owner of Benerget Greenhouse in New York. “Unlike those snake oil products, Holganix Bloom really does work!” 

Denny has been using Holganix Bloom as a complement to his fertilizer program on poinsettias. "Holganix Bloom makes the fertilizer work better," explains Denny who reports a decrease in needed fertilizer by 10-15%. But, "one of the big things I've noticed is that we've used less fungicides with Holganix Bloom." So far, Denny has cut fungicides by 30%.

Denny states, "Holganix Bloom places me in a better position to sell something lush."