Holganix Tree & Shrub

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Holganix Tree & Shrub

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Consisting of microorganisms that cater specifically to nurturing healthy trees and shrub, Holganix Tree and Shrub is for growers looking to increase plant strength, root depth and density and decrease transplant shock. Growers can also expect to reduce the use of fertilizers by up to 50% and pesticides by up to 75%. 

This product is 100% organic and is a 0-0-0 analysis designed to be used in conjunction with fertilizers.

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What are the Ingredients?

Holganix Tree and Shrub is teeming with life!

In a single jug of Holganix Tree and Shrub there are over 800 species of bacteria, 20 species of fungi and numerous soil amending ingredients. Unlike other biological plant products, Holganix Tree and Shrub contains a community of organisms that is both diverse and numerous.

What's the result? Soils and plants treated with Holganix are better able to flourish regardless of the problem faced.

Download our Holganix Ingredient list to learn about some of our key components. 

>>Download the Holganix Ingredient List


Does Holganix REALLY Work? 

 Does Holganix really work? Don't ask us, ask our clients.

According to Tim Hollowell Horticulturist of Muirfield Village Golf Club, by using Holganix, he was able to overcome serious plant health problems.

Click the link below to read a case study on Tim Hollowell and the great results he has seen with Holganix.

>> Read Tim Hollowell's story!


It’s Easy To Apply Holganix To Your Trees & Shrubs

Application Requirements

>> Apply Holganix Tree and Shrub when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees for maximum benefits. 

>> 1.5 to 2.0 gallon per 1,000 square feet water volume

>> Only tank mix with approved pesticides from the Holganix Compatibility List

>> Irrigation not required after application

>> Mesh Screen Size 16 - 20 microns

>> Spray Tips: Largest size


Want to Learn More?

Explore our resources on Holganix Tree and Shrub including a brochure, SDS, Mix Fill Chart, Label and compatibility list! 

>>Download the SDS                                                  >>Download our Mix/Fill Chart

>>Download the Label                                                >>Explore our Compatibility List

>>Download our Product Brochure                            >>Explore Holganix's University Testing