Holganix CALMAG 2-0-0

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Holganix CALMAG 2-0-0

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Holganix CALMAG is a powerful liquid fertilizer with a focus on delivering you high quality calcium and magnesium to increase plant growth and color. It also contains nutrient enhancers to increase nutrient uptake by the plant. That means more nutrients are fed to your plant instead of leaching from the soil. 

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Meet Our Holganix 4-Part Garden Program

Looking to NURTURE healthy growth of your flowers, fruits and vegetables? The Holganix 4-Part Garden Program is specifically designed for hydroponic or soil grown plants and crops. It consists of well-balanced nutrient diet, biological food sources and 800+ active microbes to promote deep roots, growth, flowering and a heavier fruit set. 


What is the 4-Part Garden Program?


How do you apply the Holganix 4-Part Garden Program?

When you combine the nutrients and biological food sources found in Holganix Grow, Flower and CALMAG with the living microorganisms contained in Holganix Bloom, you get an innovative, scientifically backed program filled with plant health benefits. 


Want to Learn More?

Explore our resources including a brochure, SDS, Mix Fill Chart and Label! 

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