Holganix Agriculture

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Holganix Agriculture

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The Holganix Agriculture blend has an abundant and diverse community of soil microorganisms geared towards increasing crop yield, brix index, plant strength, nutrient efficiency and an overall healthier ecosystem.

This product is 100% organic and is a 0-0-0 analysis designed to be used in conjunction with fertilizers. 

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What is Holganix Agriculture?

Holganix Agriculture is a 100% organic plant probiotic that provides an abundant and diverse concentration of living soil microbes, microbe food, nutrient enhancers and other beneficial ingredients to grow strong, healthy plants. In fact, Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete blend of beneficial microbes available on the market! 

Holganix Agriculture promotes strong, extensive root systems resulting in plants that are better able to find and use nutrients, minerals and water in your soil. By nurturing healthy plants, Holganix Agriculture helps maximize yield potential while ensuring your crop is better prepared to fight off diseases, pests and recover from seasonal stresses. 

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Holganix Agriculture is a Microbiome in a Bottle! What are the Ingredients?

Unlike other biological plant products, Holganix Agriculture contains an entire microbiome or community of organisms that is both abundant and diverse. In a single jug of Holganix Agriculture there are over 800 species of living beneficial organisms, microbe food, plant growth stimulants and more. 

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Some of the of organisms contained in Holganix include both Endo and Ectophytic Bacteria, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria, Endo and Ecto Mycorrrhizae, Trichoderma, Beneficial Nematodes and Protozoa.

Working together, microbes in Holganix Agriculture unlock nutrients already present in the soil and optimize the uptake of nutrients you apply, maximizing nutrient efficiency and minimizing loss. 

The microbe food and micronutrients help obtain rapid establishment of the beneficial microbes, while plant growth stimulants, micronutrients and humic acid work with the microbes to promote strong root growth and healthier plants.  

Download our Holganix Bio 800+ Ingredient List to learn about some of our key components. 

>>Download the Holganix Ingredient List


Does Holganix Agriculture Really Work

Don't ask us, ask the industry experts and our customers! 

Holganix Agriculture is field and lab tested, for proven and reliable results in plant performance. University studies have researched and validated Holganix Agriculture's performance advantage. Holganix products have been tested in the field by farmers, top tier PGA golf courses, professional sports fields and some of the world’s largest lawn care companies.

>>Explore Our University Studies

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How Do You Apply Holganix Agriculture?

Strengthen your crops and build up its defenses for whatever the season brings your way. Strong roots lead to better yields and more efficient use of your soil nutrient investment.

Holganix Agriculture is both easy to apply through most standard equipment and mixes with most fertilizers and crop protection chemistry. See our compatibility list here. 


Application Requirements

>> Apply Holganix Agriculture when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees for maximum benefit 

>> Total Foliar Spray Volume is 10 to 30 Gallons per Acre minimum - clarify with Dr. Bob on set volume. 

>> Recommended mesh screen size is 16 - 20 minimum

>> Only tank mix with approved pesticides from the Holganix Compatibility List

>>There are no re-entry restrictions associated with Holganix when applied without pesticides

>> Do not apply fungicides to the soil with Holganix during initial planting

>> When applied through drip irrigation systems, use the largest tips and screens possible 


Want to Learn More?

Explore our resources on Holganix Ag including a brochure, SDS, Mix Fill Chart, Label and Compatibility List! 

>>Download the SDS                                                 >>Download our Ingredient List

>>Download the Label                                              >>Explore our Compatibility List

>>Download our Product Brochure                          >>Explore Holganix's University Testin